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Sea of Opportunities Cambodia

SOOC is a Cambodia-based company registered on 15.09.2018 (company registration number 00036702). It operates in Cambodia, first of the countries where SOO already began its expansion.

SOOC operates in a close business relationship with Sea of Opportunities Hong Kong, a company incorporated on 10th May 2019 (company registration number 2827029).

By utilizing the broad experience, many international contacts of the founders SOOC serves as an incubator for multiple business ideas. Our goal was to create a team, which would help bring those ideas to life while adhering to our core values: trust, cooperation, smart projects, long term relationships, and success for all. We believe that those core values will help SOOC achieve their ultimate goal!

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JAKUB NAROG – Founder and Director of Sea of Opportunities Cambodia. Global CEO and financial manager of SOO. Founder of the Salve Arts Apartments. Business advisor and investor.

THEA SOCHET – CEO of Sea of Opportunities Cambodia.

WOJCIECH GUZDA – Project Manager

We have a dedicated team, passionate CEO, and a long-term vision. We are in it for the long haul and we’re always planning to achieve the best possible results.

We saw the potential of the Kingdom and started to keep a close eye on the developments in this beautiful country. After two years of carefully watching and assessing the local market, ten visits, and plenty of research – we decided to move from observation to action and „bring Cambodia” closer to Europe.

If you want to learn more about Camodia, contact us now at contact@seaofopp.com