The Ministry of Tourism has outlined a master plan for Mondulkiri’s tourism development to make the province more attractive.

It was made in the consultative workshop on the preliminary draft master plan for tourism development in Mondulkiri province, involving the private sector, national and international organisations

Minister Thong Khon said the development plan focused on the vision for the province’s tourism development, zoning for tourism development, strategic orientation, key priorities and institutional mechanisms to implement the master plan.

The development of tourism in Mondulkiri province must adhere to the approach of sustainable development and responsibility, conservation for the benefit of the economy, society and people, he aid

The development must respond to the vision of national development in 2020-2035 based on the current situation and the commitment of the government

The plan also determines the scope of investment-development activities in the five wildlife sanctuaries and the Busra Cultural and Ecotourism Corridor, encouraging the development of tea, ecotourism and ecotourism activities in conjunction with indigenous cultural tourism, particularly should be encouraged to strengthen the tourism community in a good and effective manner.

The minister also urges the registration of major tourist resorts in the province as soon as possible to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of the use and development of these areas.

Khon said previously that the development of tourism in Mondulkiri province will require continued investment in transportation infrastructure – particularly in the region’s airport.

Our eyes are focused on Mondulkiri. We are glad that government also pays a lot of attention on this area.

Source: Khmer Times

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