Cambodia is currently the fastest developing Asian country, with plenty of opportunities still available.

Boasting one of World’s greatest tourism industries and liberal economy, it’s truly the land of great possibilities. Rich cultural heritage, low labour cost and rapid real estate price growth fuelled by large Chinese investors, makes it a very attractive place and a right destination for those who seek stable, long-term, profitable opportunities in a fast developing and beautiful country

Kingdom of Cambodia is a country located in South East Asia with population of 15 million people. The capital city – Phnom Penh is Kingdom’s economic, industrial, and cultural centre. Cambodia is a fast-developing country, which economics are based on textile industry, tourism and agriculture.

The Kingdom is one of the most attractive and original tourism destinations in Asia. The attractions include World Heritage Sites: temples but also museums and cultural villages. Cambodia is also full of outstanding natural areas, national parks and a lot, lot more. Big cities are offering large variety of attractions for tourists who prefer urban entertainments.

The most famous destinations:


A popular resort city with great number of hotels, restaurants and other urban attractions. Also known from important museums and Cultural Village. The city is located near Phnom Kulen National Park. Other fascinating attractions are floating villages and unique river-lake system known as Tonlé Sap. But for most, the city is famous because of Angkor Wat.


Angkor Wat also known as The City of Temples – Cambodia’s prime attraction for visitors. The largest religious monument in the World. Formerly a Hindu temple, transformed in 12th century into a Buddhist centre. Proud example of classical style of Khmer architecture and a symbol of the Kingdom, appearing on its national flag.


A coastal city on the Gulf of Thailand. Known for large number of beaches. With places like Golden Lion Plaza or Ochheuteal/Serendipity Beaches full of international styled night bars, live music venues and all-night beach disco clubs, the city is a great place for sea and nightlife enthusiasts.


Aperfect place for people who loves nature and lack of civilization. The area is full of beautiful forests and hills. But for most, is known for outstanding waterfalls like Bou Sra, Romnea or Senmonorom. Mondulkiri includes huge number of protected areas and Wildlife Sanctuaries like Keo Seima, Phnom Prich, and Srepok.

Cambodia is a place worth to be interested in. Not only for tourist but also for entrepreneurs, because of highly developed real estate and land market. It’s a country of opportunities and with a still untapped potential.